Garden Care

Does the Color of Light Affect Plant Growth?

Lights and plants

Light is an essential component of a favorable environment for plant growth. Growing plants indoors has become popular, and while it has proven to work, there is a higher need for supplemental lighting. With the advancement of indoor gardening, grow lights have emerged to provide plants with this essential parameter. The question remains; does the … Read more

How Long to Run Soaker Hose?

Soaker hose in a garden bed

An elegant, well-maintained garden takes more than watering; however, the watering technique you use has the most significance in how your garden turns out. If you are looking to improve your garden without the hassle of sprinklers, a soaker hose is the best option. A soaker hose lets water seep and penetrate the ground, ensuring … Read more

Best Powdery Mildew Treatment

The best powdery mildew treatment is Bonide BND1428. However there are other’s that we have covered here for your consideration. There is nothing more dejecting than watching your lovely, healthy-looking herbs and veggies get attacked by pests or disease. Powdery mildew is one of the most common diseases that afflict the home garden, especially if … Read more

Best Soil Test Kits

Best Soil Test Kits

Most of us green thumbs know exactly what our precious plants need for optimum growth. But how can you tell if your garden really has what your plants want? Simple. Just test your soil! There’s only one little problem. There are so many soil test kits out there.  How are you supposed to pick the … Read more