What Are The Best Pots For Spider Plants?

What Are The Best Plant Pots to Use For Your Spider Plants


Spider plant pot

I can hear you thinking, “A whole article on POTS for Spider Plants? They’re just plant pots, for heaven’s sake!”

So let me tell you about all those times, when I first started out gardening years ago. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

Back then, I used anything to grow my spider plants in. Any container left lying around the property, even makeshift a few (disasters really).

BUT after tossing out (composting), my millionth (an exagerrated amount) spider plant, piling up useless containers, I did some eager beaver research, and started growing spider plants in the correct plant pots.

Here’s what I learnt.

Our wonderful spider plants (and spider plant babies) need a good quality, well-draining plant pots to grow and thrive in. I hate saying HIGH quality. Good quality is good enough.

And lucky for us, spider plants such an EASY indoor plants to grow thanks to their resilience and minimal effort to keep them alive and kicking in your home. [1].

And that’s all you need right?

As I mentioned above, the best planting pots to use for your spider plants have to come with adequate drainage holes spacious enough to hold spider plants’ roots.

There are hundreds of pots that suit spider plants on the market. You won’t run short of choice. But it can be challenging to pick one that’s SUITABLE if this is your first time buying a spider plant pot.

Below, are spider plant pots that I’ve used myself. I still have, and recommend for your spider plant journey.

Do I recommend any one spider plant pot specifically?

Nope, not at all. They are all fantastic to use. It’s up to you basically and whether whatever plant pot you choose would suit your inside homes design.

I’m no interior decorator, and my taste is pretty simple. I’ve gone with “black pots and white pots” in different materials, some with indented designs.

I’ve classified the plant pots below, in the type of material they come in. My only advice (as above) is to choose the plant pots that suit YOU, and looks fricken awesome with your current home decor.

The Best Plastic Spider Plant Pot

1. D’vine Dev Store Plastic Planter Pots Set

6.5 Inch 8 Inch 10 Inch, Set of 3 Plastic Planter Pots for Plants with Drainage Hole and Seamless Saucers, Black Color, Large, 74-E-L-2

Plastic planters are a quick option to start growing spider plants in. This one from D’vine Dev Store is as it looks. Sleek and suitable for growing your beautiful Spider Plants in. A seamless minimalist design which may suit your home and decor taste.

Key Features:
  • Seamless minimalist design
  • Premium plastic material
  • Matt finishing
  • Thick-walled construction
  • Three pots- 6.5, 8 and 10 inches
  • Drainage holes
  • It comes with a drainage hole mesh

The first impression that these pots give doesn’t describe plastic at all. They come in a modern straight style cylinder shape with matt finishing.

They look like heavy ceramic pots, thanks to the balance between the contemporary look of matt pots, and the deceptive flexibility of using plastic as a material.

Sounds fancy but isn’t. You’ll see plastic pots everywhere that look like cement or metal without the burden of weight – which is cool.

SAVES your back!!

The pots come in premium plastic material with a thick-walled design for extra durability. They are lightweight to carry around yet sturdy enough to last for a long time!

(Your wallet can stay CLOSED for awhile longer!)

The easy care, hard to wreck aspect makes these ideal to use indoors or outdoors.

The planters have drainage holes at the bottom to ensure water drainage which as we know is essential so your spider plants LIVES not dies!

They also come with drainage hole mesh to cover the hole to prevent potting soil from trickling out possibly leaving a mess!

Ah you don’t want that!

They also come with some detachable saucers that you can opt to use these or not. These complete the look and function to hold drained water so you get to keep your gorgeous spider plant indoors.


  • Sleek, seamless cylinder style design
  • High-quality, durable plastic material
  • Useful drainage hole mesh
  • Suitable size for spider plants


  • The saucer is shallow and may not hold a lot of drained water. Which mean’s more checks and trips to empty the saucer out.


Best Ceramic Spider Planting Pot

2. La Jolie Muse Ceramic Planter Pot

La Jolie Muse Ceramic Planter Flower Plant Pots- 6.7+5.5 Inch Concave Dot Patterned Cylinder Flower Pot W/ Drain Hole for Indoor, Set of 2, Ivory

I have these, probably far too many, but no law against that!

A textured ceramic pot and a sprouting spider plant are what you need to spice up your living area. These La Jolie Muse ceramic plant pots are a great choice for any space. Their small size and textured detail gives a compact yet stylish look.

On any stained wood furniture, or sitting up on wooden shelves, or even tiled surfaces, these plant pots with your spider plants coming out of them, will look absolutely MINT.

Key Features:
  • Vintage accent
  • Ivory cylindrical pots
  • Two sizes set
  • Premium quality ceramic material
  • Drain hole at the bottom
  • Removable rubber plugs

Ceramic pots are popular for indoor plants. They bring the stone look indoors and put together various indoor spaces beautifully. A perfect pair of ceramic pots that will do the visual job just right.

The vintage accent in the textured detail stands out and their ivory color works with ANY indoor color theme. The cylindrical shape is perfect for your spider plants.

The functionality of these pots works for it’s purpose. They are spacious enough to hold adult spider plants so they get additional space to spread their roots.

They come with drainage holes (of course) at the bottom for excess water.

They also come with removable rubber plugs that you can fit to prevent water from seeping onto your floors or carpets.

Definitely an indoor house benefit.


  • Unique vintage design
  • Suitable sizes for spider plants
  • Sturdy material
  • Functional drainage plugs


  • A little heavy to carry

Best Metal Spider Plant Pot

3. Creative Co-Op Corrugated Metal Planters

Creative Co-Op Corrugated Metal Planters on Stands (Set of 2 Sizes), Silver, 2 Count

If you like the industrial look in your home, invest in this set of metal planters to align with this theme maybe? (remember I’m not an interior designer, I just think I am).

Aren’t they just so funky!

They will tie into the industrial theme nicely if that’s what you have or want in your home. If not, they may suit a specific space in your home.

You’re free to experiment. 

They come in a neutral color so will match any color scheme in your home.

I’ll admit, these metal planting pot’s are a unique decor taste and won’t be for everyone. But if these metal pots with their black stand’s DO suit your taste, then why not.

You don’t have to grow spider plants out of these either. Any stunning looking plant will work.

I’ve seen these metal planter pot’s look amazing in a very modern home, in the study nook area.

The expensive looking interior materials around these metal pot plants with gorgeous plants. It’s the CONTRAST of modern home interior meet’s industrial plant pots downright worked!

Key Features:
  • Corrugated metal material
  • Two sizes set
  • Comes with stands
  • Ideal for large plants
  • The beautiful rustic industrial look

One thing that makes these pots worth the cash is the standard of the material. They’re made from corrugated metal. Known to LAST a long time.

They make a nice pair to match with an industrial indoor theme. They come with planter stands as well in a darker color for a striking contrast.

If you have a large spider plant or looking to grow a big one, these metal pot’s are the pots to get. Spacious enough for your spider plants to spread their roots and thrive.


  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting material
  • Unique industrial theme
  • Ideal for raising plants
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bit Pricey
  • May need liners before planting

Best Wooden Spider Plant Pot

4. Happy Decor Whiskey Barrel PlantersSmall Wooden Bucket Barrel Planters – 6.3’’+5.3'' Rustic Flower Planters Pots Boxes Container with Drainage Holes for Indoor Home Decor Small Plants, Brown Set of 2

This is another plant pot design that’s specific to your decor tastes. Do you love the “whiskey barrel look?” Would this add the X-factor to your indoor/outdoor space?

This whiskey barrel planter is a great addition to your space, say next to your whiskey bar! It is a statement piece but absolutely functional for growing spider plants and other indoor plants in.

Nice and large and a dark wood look! Go fantastic on a patio or wood decking at your home or office space. The thing is the colour green, – plant colour and brown just go together! 

No overthinking required here. So easy on the eye and natural looking. The rustic look and feel. Homely.

Someone light a fire and get the marshmellows ready!

Key Features:
  • High-quality cedar
  • Metallic handles
  • Drainage holes
  • It comes with grid pads
  • Set of two pots

This cedar look planter pot is an ideal size for your spider plants. The wider open top offers plenty of space for your spider plant to spread its leaves all around without the plant getting all squishy or claustrophobic.

It is a lightweight pot making it great to use anywhere around the house. Especially if you’re the type of person aka gardener that LOVES moving plants around. It comes with cool looking metallic handles for easy in you guessed it, handling!

It has drainage holes at the bottom to drain the water. As part of the package, the pots come with grid pads that prevent the potting soil from flowing away and water from seeping through the holes. A cool feature in my books.


  • High-quality cedar construction
  • Ideal for hanging
  • Unique whiskey-barrel design
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Only suitable for small plants


Best Fabric Spider Plant Pot

5. Vivosun 5-pack Heavy Duty Grow Bags

VIVOSUN 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty 300G Thickened Nonwoven Plant Fabric Pots with Handles

This set of fabric bags can come in handy if you are thinking about planting several spider plants. They are economical and super functional for long term use.

Key Features:
  • Sturdy 300g thickened nonwoven fabric
  • Naturally-draining
  • Durable reinforced handles
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reusable

These 5-gallon bags are a useful size for planting spider plants and other similar-sized plants. They come in great quality 300g nonwoven material that is thickened to withstand use and elements of the mighty outdoors.

An awesome feature is the material’s permeability. Bit of a mouthful to say but means they naturally drain excess water. Spider plants stay healthy and happy. The design makes it easy for plants to spread their roots as much as they like to for optimal growth.

You will LOVE the durable reinforced handles to, for easy carrying. Even with soil and plants, these handles will not come off, thanks to the serger stitches used to attach the handles to the pots. SOLID.


  • Long-lasting material
  • Useful sturdy handles
  • Spacious enough for spider plants
  • Flexible for repotting


  • They drain water quickly, and plants may require more water than usual.

Best Seagrass Spider Plant Pot

6. La Jolie Muse Seagrass Indoor Planter

La Jolíe Muse Seagrass Planter Basket Indoor, Flower Pots Cover, Plant Containers, Natural(3-Pack)

An eco-friendly option, this seagrass planter is the perfect choice for spider plants. Thanks to its neutral colour, it is a beautiful statement piece that is easy to use in any space.

Key Features:
  • 100% natural seagrass
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Interior plastic coating
  • Multi-functional
  • Convenient shape and size

The pots are handmade using premium seagrass, which is a great eco-friendly alternative to jute and thatch. It is super lightweight, therefore, applicable if you like to move your plants often. Even so, the pot is sturdy and will hold up for years to come.

The interior of the pot features a plastic coating to prevent soil spillage and water leakage from the obvious holes on the pot. This allows you to plant anything in the pot and set it indoors without worrying about dirt or spillage on your carpets.

The natural feel of the pot makes it ideal for a neutral rustic interior decor theme. This makes them useful as storage solutions on your counters and dressers. As planters, they are of a convenient size to hold a spider plant and similar-sized plants.


  • Simple, neutral design
  • High-quality material
  • Suitable for hanging
  • Durable plastic liners
  • Ideal diameter for spider plants


  • They may be too short for adult spider plants.


Best Clay Spider Plant Pot

7. Fengson 8-inch Clay Pot

Fengson 8 Inch Clay Pot for Plant with Saucer,3 Pack Large Terra Cotta Plant Pot with Drainage Hole, Clay Planters Pot, Terracotta Pot for Indoor Outdoor Plant,Round Flower Planter Pots for Plants

Terracotta pots are classic and always make a statement in a space. The neutral and warm color goes well with any indoor theme and any color of the plant. If you prefer clay pots to other types of pots materials, these are awesome!

Key Features:
  • Top-quality clay
  • Drainage hole
  • Mesh cover
  • Ideal for young spider plants
  • It comes with a saucer

With Clay Pots it can be challenging to find good quality clay considering some don’t dry properly which can result in breakage. But this particular clay pot is made of excellent-quality clay baked at high temperatures to cure properly and stay intact.

The clay material promotes drainage and breathability, allowing air and water circulation through the sides of the pot. This supports the healthy growth and development of the plant as a result of root stimulation.

The best part is that the pots come with drainage holes to drain any stagnant water collecting at the bottom of the pot. They also come with mesh covers that you can use to cover the hole to prevent soil from falling out and messing up the floors.

This set of pots can come in handy for young spider plants or similar-sized plants. They are useful all around the home and can withstand use indoors and outdoors. That said, you can use them on the kitchen counter, the window sill, on a shelf in the living room, etc.


  • High-quality clay material
  • Wide rim ideal for leafy plants
  • Functional saucer to collect water
  • Excellent drainage
  • Beautiful terracotta design


  • Couldn’t find any

Selecting The Best Pot For Spider Plants

Spider plant pots

The health of your spider plant depends on the quality of conditions it is exposed to. I think we all know that.  [2].

So before you settle on any random pot, understand the simple features you should look out for to start growing some gorgeous spider plants!

The plant pots as described throughout this article, come in various materials. Wood, corugated iron, different standards of plastic, ceramic and more.

All these materials are suitable for spider plants. No need to ovethink anything here.

Just ensure the pot plant itself is good-quality! You want to keep as much money in your wallet as possible right.

The size of pot you choose determines its suitability for spider plants [3]. Spider plants need ample space to spread their roots and grow optimally.

In other words my fellow gardeners, don’t use small pots.

spider plants planters

If you struggle with finding the right pot size, consider the plant’s root ball and get a pot double the size of the ball. The extra space provides the room for the roots to spread evenly.

But look for signs that your spider plant needs repotting and then, get a slightly larger pot.

Also, if you intend to plant more than one spider plant in one pot, you will need a bigger pot. Not rocket science but you knew that.

Additionally, spider plants grow pretty fast and may just require often repotting.

Drainage Holes

This is a no brainer, like most plants, spider plants do well in pots with drainage.

In Closing

Spider plants make awesome indoor house plants. That’s why you’re here. To find the best pots suitable to grow them in.

Elevating their Spider Plant beauty with the proper pot will totally spice up your indoor space.

All the pots reviewed above are ideal to use. I don’t recommend one specifically. You can choose your preferred pot according to the material and how it will look in your home both indoor and outdoors.

All have been tested to work just fabulous for us spider plants’ lovers. 

Have fun growing!

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